Leaked testimony:
State witness Shlomo Filber documented conversation that Netanyahu denied took place

About 3 months ago Shlomo Filber again questioned by police and presented with recording he made that police call 'golden evidence'.

Mordechai Sones ,

Shlomo Filber
Shlomo Filber
Flash 90

The "golden proof" in Case 4000? About three months ago, long after the investigation in Case 4000 ended and months after the indictment was filed against the Prime Minister, Shlomo Filber was unexpectedly summoned for further investigation.

According to a Channel 13 News report today, the investigation was carried out after police found a recording made file by Filber in real-time about a dramatic meeting he had with the Prime Minister regarding the benefits for Shaul Alovich.

This is a document the investigators found in the corresponding file, the Bezek Case, inside a handwritten document collection of Filber's personal notes, for the first time clarifying what happened at the key meeting on which Case 4000, the Bezek-Walla affair, is built.

During the investigation, the investigator read to Filber what he had written at the top of the page: "Alovich, the price levels of the market, international comparison, Ilan Yehoshua, and the Yes-Bezek merger." "Yes," confirms Filber.

"He tells you, Elovich talked to me about the problems he has in the office," the investigator explained to Filber. "He told me something about a consulting firm that set prices that did quite a job doing the wrong thing." Filber replied, "Exactly." "As if you were describing what the Prime Minister said to you," the investigator continued. "Exactly," added Filber, "and that's what he was told there."

Filber calls this meeting the "armchair meeting" after the corner where they sat in the office. "Does it fit in the armchair meeting?", the investigator asked. "Yes, where we talked for almost 10 minutes on this whole issue of the communications market," replied Filber, "that's a recap of the armchair meeting."

"Because was there another case where this came up in front of the Prime Minister?", the investigator pressed. "There wasn't; no, no," replied Filber.

Sources close to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said in response to the Channel 13 report: "The publication of this criminal and tragic leak is the continued attempt to intimidate and blackmail the state's witnesses so that their testimonies will 'fit in' with the imaginary offense that was particularly tailor-made for Prime Minister Netanyahu and that exists in no law book in any country of the world. When they interrogate a state witness after an indictment's already been filed, it's clear that this entire trumped-up case will unravel."