They seemed to have everything people dream of, but it was chaos

Rav Stern of Jerusalem had everything that many work a lifetime to achieve. However, a diagnosis sent his home spiraling into chaos.

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The Stern kids
The Stern kids
Vaad Harabanim

Rav Stern of Jerusalem had everything that many work a lifetime to achieve: A talmid chacham, a rosh kollel, and a mashgiach, with a wonderful Rebbetzin and 14 happy children. Despite appearances however, a diagnosis had quietly sent the family spiraling into chaos.

Since Rebbetzin Stern’s battle with cancer began, the Rav has become solely responsible for raising his large family. This is in addition to running a kollel, and tending to his wife’s needs. As is the case in families hit by such trauma, the older kids have learned to care for the younger kids. The Rebbetzin is confined to her bed, fighting bravely against the disease.

It did not take long for financial pressure to take hold. Amid treatments, bills, and general disorder, this once envied family lost the ability to function.

Despite their grim situation, however, a gleam of hope for the future emerged as one of their sons recently became engaged. Though they are thrilled to celebrate, the reality is a harsh one: With just a month remaining until the chuppah, they have nothing to give him.

The siblings are unclear where or how they will procure clothing suitable for a chasunah, or how they will afford sheva brachos. This is to say nothing of providing the young couple with essentials for their first home.

They are now crowdfunding with the hope of raising money to pay their basic bills, afford treatments, and make a wedding. In a big world full of emergency funds, raising enough to reach those goals is a daunting task.