New song blesses children returning to school after "covid-vacation"

Moshe Kesselman releases song based on 'Hamalach Hagoel' to mark return of Israeli children to school.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

children return to school
children return to school

Moshe Kesselman has released a new song based on the Biblical prayer 'Hamalach Hagoel," which the patriarch Jacob said for his grandchildren Ephraim and Menashe, to mark the return to school of Israel's children following their 'coronavirus vacation'

"The song is so meaningful as we sing it every night asking Hashem and his Malachim (angels) to watch over our children as they go to sleep. I felt that at this moment in time, as most of the children in Israel have returned to school, even though they still have to wear their masks, and with the recent uptick in cases, we ask Hashem in the very same way to watch over and protect them throughout their entire day," Kesselman told Arutz Sheva