Half a million Persian-language followers for Israeli foreign ministry

Foreign Ministry's Persian language Instagram account reaches half a million followers, with many inquiries about immigrating to Israel.

Nitzan Keidar ,


The Foreign Ministry's Persian language Instagram account crossed the threshold of half a million followers today.

The account, active since 2017, is used to present the State of Israel and Israeli society to the Iranian audience and receives many reactions.

In recent weeks, as well as other Foreign Ministry accounts in Persian, many inquiries have been received from Iranian citizens seeking to explore ways to immigrate to Israel in light of the Iranian coronavirus situation.

Yiftah Coriel, director of the Department of Digital Diplomacy, noted that "the Persian Foreign Ministry's channels on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram reach over 5 million followers and over 15,000 comments each week."

"The accounts in Persian are part of the largest official online network in Israel, operated by the Foreign Ministry headquarters in Jerusalem and in Israeli offices around the world. The system includes over 800 accounts in 50 languages, with over 200 million exposures per week. Digital diplomacy has become a core activity of the ministry in recent years, having peaked in recent months in light of the Corona crisis,” Coriel added.