Netanyahu offers Brazil help with coronavirus outbreak

PM speaks with Brazilian President Bolsonaro, offers cooperation with Brazilian industries, access to Israeli experts in fighting COVID-19.

Gary Willig ,

Netanyahu and Bolsonaro (archive)
Netanyahu and Bolsonaro (archive)
Avi Ohayon/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Wednesday and offered to aid Brazil in dealing with its recent coronavirus outbreak, the Prime Minister's Office announced on Thursday.

According to the statement, Netanyahu offered to cooperate with Brazilian industries in producing the medical equipment needed to detect and treat the coronavirus. He also offered to have Israeli experts speak with their Brazilian counterparts and share the lessons they had learned in dealing with the pandemic.

President Bolsonaro congratulated Netanyahu on the formation of a unity government in Israel and expressed his hope that ties between Brazil and Israel will continue to be strengthened.

Brazil has emerged as one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus, with over 415,000 confirmed cases so far and over 25,000 deaths. Israel has seen 16,809 confirmed cases so far and 281 deaths.