What one groom wishes he could tell his parents

Momentum was lost, he was knocked off his horse.

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הרב גרוסמן וחתנו
הרב גרוסמן וחתנו
צילום: חזקי ברוך

A young man contemplates his future. His wedding is arriving in just a few days, and he does not yet have the things he needs. No suit, no hat, no washing machine or dryer. He has done the best he can to cover the expenses, but it is beyond his capabilities.

He would ask for help, but he could never do that to his parents. They are both sick, and in so many ways, they have not been able to give him what he needs. It would break their hearts if they knew he was approaching his wedding day with fear.

Just as he began to scrape by, just as it seemed he may be able to pull it together, the unthinkable happened: The young man became sick as well.

Momentum was lost, he was knocked off his horse. Savings were spent on necessities. The wedding drifted further and further out of the realm of impossibility.

It seems like fiction. A magazine serial, or a Shabbos table story. But this is the true tale of a family living in Israel now. And Rav Yitzchok Grossman has been their witness.

“I know this family,” begins Rav Grossman, as he appeals to the Jewish People to help however they can. It is the family’s hope that public support from such a huge leader will open the hearts of strangers.

“This is hachnasas kallah, this is bikur cholim, this is pidyon nefesh. All these mitzvos together.

"And in this merit, that you will help, Hashem should bless you to marry off your children with only happiness and health, measure for measure. In the merit of this mitzvah Hashem should bless you with all the brachos he promised in our holy Torah.”

The Rav’s words speak for themselves.

Right now, a young couple is wondering if they could possibly get married. A chassan is struggling against illness, praying for a miracle. An older couple who are unwell are drowning in the disappointment of having nothing to offer their son.

If you are able to do this mitzvah, you can donate here for a limited time.