Senior police officials: Netanyahu harming the law enforcement system

Senior police officials livid over Netanyahu's attack on the law enforcement system.

Ben Ariel ,

Netanyahu at the court
Netanyahu at the court
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Senior police officials on Monday responded to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who attacked the law enforcement system, headed by the prosecutor's office and the police, prior to the start of his trial a day earlier.

"There has never been a Prime Minister here who tried to harm the law enforcement system so blatantly. Netanyahu's disproportionate claims are more indicative of him than of the investigators and attorneys,” the officials told Channel 12 News.

The senior officials added that if Netanyahu were to be questioned again, he would not receive preferential treatment.

"Lahav 433 investigators did an excellent job, ignoring all the pressure that was attempted to be exerted on them. They will continue to act this way even if the Attorney General decides on another investigation against Netanyahu. We will respect him - but as was the case in his previous investigations, the Prime Minister will receive no discount."

A statement on behalf of the Prime Minister in response to the comments said, “The anonymous threat by police investigators of launching another fruitless investigation against the Prime Minister, in response to his exposing the use of blackmail and trying to influence the witnesses against him, is an attempt to shut the mouth of no less than the Israeli Prime Minister. These threats are a clear example of the ills that need to be fixed to ensure democracy in Israel."