Don’t let the NY Jewish voice drown in NY Primaries on June 23rd

While we are getting ready for Shavuot, reopening New York and our Synagogues, the most important time for Jews to speak up Is now. Op-ed.

Cindy Grosz ,

Cindy Grosz
Cindy Grosz
Courtesy of Cindy Grosz

On June 23rd, polling places in districts with races on the ballot will be open. But Governor Andrew Cuomo expanded absentee voting in order to minimize the number of people at polling sites for the safety of both voters and poll workers.

Here’s what you need to know about remote voting in New York.

If you are social distancing in a grocery store or in a park, you should be able to vote in person. You want to vote in person, as we need eyes and ears at the polls.

However, those in quarantine or unable to vote in person have the option to vote by mail.

Confused? An April 24 executive order mandated that every registered voter in the state receive an absentee ballot application, with postage, to ensure that everyone who may wish to vote remotely has the opportunity. Interested voters would fill out the form, and mail it back to their local board of elections.

People can also print out an application online or apply digitally by emailing the completed form to the local board of elections. However, proactively mailing the application helps resolve potential roadblocks like lack of access to a computer or the internet. Receiving an application in the mail could also alert voters who have never used an absentee ballot before that they have the option to vote remotely.

We are already finding these “COVID-19” voting situations are causing what everyone always fears, voter fraud. California and Pennsylvania were the latest states where it occurred. President Trump has called out states like Michigan for questionable mail-in voting.

There have been numerous cases across the country that have shown the fraud that is associated with mailed ballots. Ballot harvesting, ballots arriving late, going to an old or wrong address, more than one ballot being delivered and ballots that were never delivered are just some of the problems that have taken place.

So, how does it affect the Jews?

Jews are voting less and less in primaries. They are the victims of the largest number of hate crimes while struggling in coronavirus areas hardest hit. They MUST voice their anger. Not by ignoring the primary process, but by making sure not only that they are voting, but convincing their neighbors and family members to vote as well.

For Democrats, you must choose those candidates that we consider “the lesser of two evils.”

Let’s face it, we do have Democratic friends, like Chaim Deutsch, and if they win in the primary, we hope they win the race. If Deutsch wins his primary, will he win his general election? Probably. But who will he endorse for president? What voice will a religious Jewish moderate Democrat have should there be a President Biden and an administration-leaning progressive? Biden has embraced his endorsement from J Street, admits leaning towards more aggressive policies, and made public statements of an anti-Israel foreign policy agenda.

Every Democratic primary winner will ultimately be expected tp endorse Biden and thus his anti-Israel platform. There are almost no more moderate Democrats. We will have to see what the few that are left decide to do.

Republican Choices

Republican primaries are being held everywhere and we are learning that some are anti-Trumpers. This is no good for Jews and Israel. Do your research. Don’t support them.

There are a record number of Jewish Republican candidates across the country that are expected to win their primaries. Laura Loomer in Florida is one of them. I am another.

People are angry. There are more Trump supporters and Zionists in the grassroots than ever before, especially Christian Zionists.

While our New York State GOP is not strong, we, the voters are. President Trump unites us. Many moderate Democrats relied on Jewish Republican money in the past. Supporters of groups like the Republican Jewish Coalition helped Democrats who opposed the Iran Nuclear Deal. However, these same elected officials voted for BDS in March and voted for impeachment against Trump. The vote alone, challenges constitutional amendment rights and the actual democratic rule that both of our countries live by.

Take the time before you vote to research. If you need help, I will personally help you in your community, regardless of where you live. I was a Jew and Zionist before I was a candidate and I will remain a Jew and Zionist after this election.

Cindy Grosz is running for Congress in NY’s fourth district. She has a history of working with major Jewish organizations and political leaders on opposing BDS, oversight of anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist classroom curriculum, calling out Holocaust deniers, fighting the Iranian Nuclear Deal and supporting the rights of the Jews in Judea and Samaria.

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