Helicopter and dogs in frantic search for missing 83-year-old

Nine days passed and whereabouts of 83-year-old David Lazarov unknown. Helicopters, rescue dogs, volunteers battle for his life.

Shimon Cohen ,

Searches for Lazarov
Searches for Lazarov
IDU Spokesman

83-year-old Rishon LeTzion resident David Lazarov has been missing from his home for nine days. Israel Dog Unit (IDU) volunteers aided by search helicopters have joined the operation and are calling for public help.

The helicopter that joined the search is scanning the fields and open spaces around Rishon LeTzion. Navigation and boundaries were determined by pursuit forces commander Noam, who accompanied the flight and commanded the search operation conducted over the Sabbath in an attempt to trace Lazarov's steps.

The search teams made the decision following eyewitness testimony that Lazarov may be in the Moshav Olash area.

The missing's family is asking for the public's help in disseminating David Lazarov's picture so that it might be possible to get a tip and focus the searches. "There's great concern for his life," they say while the IDU adds: "We're in a race against the clock and need everyone's contribution to spread the picture of the missing person across the networks."

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