New trends in Israeli tourism

Before COVID-19 hit the world and Israel tourism, Israel was increasing the popularity of Israel Private tours

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israel private tours
israel private tours
אליהו צור.

Before COVID-19 hit the world and Israel tourism, Israel was increasing the popularity of Israel Private tours. As more and more people in the world can afford to travel, more and more people find private tours in Israel affordable and rewarding, especially when traveling as a family.

While Israel day tours by bus are still popular with big groups, more and more people are discovering the advantages of traveling with an Israel private tour guide.

9 benefits of Israel private tours

Custom itinerary: On Israel's private tours, you can adjust the itinerary to your group preferences and beliefs, visit the places of interest to you and add the sites ‘off the beaten path’ to your itinerary.

Accommodation: when booking hotels for private tours in Israel, the size of the group allows you greater flexibility when choosing the best locations. It’s clear that a bus tour usually cannot stay at a special boutique hotel in the most vibrant locations, this is why booking hotels with Israel tour guide will enhance your trip.

More time: when you’re traveling with an Israel private guide, you maximize your time with no need for long stops. You can stop only when you want to spend more time exploring the sites of interest and skip what you find less attractive. And of course, you don't need to wait for anyone.

Viisit special places of interest; with a private tour guide in Israel, you get to also visit places "off the beaten path" that big groups don’t get to visit. You can enjoy a special local restaurant or visit workshops that big groups can't fit in.

It's comfortable: enjoy comfortable new tourist cars driven by your tour guide in Israel. We offer new SUV or vans and high-end cars to satisfy our clients.

Set your own pace: when going on a bus tour with a big group, it can be frustrating when you’re slower or faster than the rest of the group and need to wait constantly. Private tour guide Israel allows you to set your pace and linger when you want and to speed up when you want to.

We are flexible: what makes Tzur Tours one of the best Israeli tour companies is our flexibility. We welcome changes to the itinerary that can enhance your trip, even during the tour.

Best for families with kids: it’s hard to imagine traveling with kids on a big bus tour. Kids need to rest more often and get bored faster. Therefore, traveling with tour guide in Israel is the best solution for a family trip to Israel. Israeli tour guides will adjust the tour to the needs of the kids and grown-ups will make your multi-generational tour a success.

It's worth it: private tours are more expensive than group tours but the extra value is enormous. Also, when traveling with more than 3 people, Israel private tour guide price differences are not that much different than a bus tour.

For the independent travelers that are looking for Israel day tours during their trip in Israel, private day tours are an excellent solution and great for more unusual destinations that can’t be reached without the expertise of a local tour guide. Many choose this option and take, for example, a one-day private tour to Hebron, Judea and Samaria, the Palestinian territories, and other adventure paths that require the knowledge of a tour guide.

Besides the private tours and the growing interest in those tours because of all the reasons mentioned above, a new category has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years: Israel small group tours. It’s a great solution for those that still prefer to go with a group and enjoy the group dynamic, but want to avoid the disadvantages of a big bus tours. The concept is a small group of no more than 12 people, who departure on an agreed date. This way, they gain some of the benefits of a private tour such as a closer connection to the tour guide and to the other participants in the group. They also have more time and can see more sites during the day. The Israel small group tour is cheaper than a private tour but not much more expensive than the popular bus tours.