Demonstrators congregate ahead of Netanyahu trial

Protesters both in support of and against the PM congregate at court and PM's residence ahead of trial.

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Hezki Baruch ,

Demonstrators supporting Netanyahu
Demonstrators supporting Netanyahu
Hezki Baruch

Ahead of the opening of Prime Minister Netanyahu's trial Sunday afternoon at the Jerusalem district court, protesters for and against Netanyahu have congregated in the city near the court and the prime minister's residence.

Anti-Netanyahu "Black Flags" demonstrators are carrying signs and shouting against the prime minister, including "One under criminal indictment - not my prime minister," "Netanyahu is a cancer dividing Israel", "Affair of submarines to Egypt - betrayal," "Netanyahu is corrupt" and more.

The "Black Flags" Movement said, "As one indicted for pedophilia cannot serve as a teacher, so one indicted for corruption cannot serve as Israeli prime minister."

"From 'There will be nothing because there was nothing' comes a trial for bribery, fraud and breach of trust. This is not a diplomatic or economic or right-wing or left-wing matter. This is a matter of what country we want to be in - a light unto the nations or a city of refuge for criminals."

At the same time, supporters of Netanyahu are demonstrating on behalf of the prime minister.

They are making calls of support for the prime minister and bear signs saying: "Netanyahu, you will never walk alone", "Israel is strong with Netanyahu" and more.