Save Benny and Josh Landsman

Help to save Benny and Josh who were diagnosed with a devastating, fatal disease called Canavan Disease two and half years ago.

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Benny & Josh Landsman
Benny & Josh Landsman
Landsman Family

We need your help to save our boys, Shalom Binyomin, “Benny” and Yehoshua Natan, “Josh”. Benny and Josh were diagnosed with a devastating, fatal disease called Canavan Disease two and half years ago. Their diagnosis changed our lives forever.

Canavan Disease is a progressive brain disorder caused by a genetic mutation that affects children. Children with Canavan Disease are unable to sit, stand, walk or talk. As degeneration progresses, many children will lose the ability to swallow, develop seizures, and experience blindness. Children with Canavan Disease often don’t live past age 10.


After recovering from the initial shock of the diagnosis, we began to research the disease and learned about a neuroscientist who has dedicated her life to curing Canavan disease. We met with her, she agreed to help us, and we set out to raise the necessary funds (insurance companies don’t support experimental treatments) to bring this treatment out of the lab so it can be used to help patients such as Benny and Josh. Little did we know that we were about to embark on a course to make medical history - to cure a disease that afflicts children while attempting to save our sons’ lives.


We also learned that a cure for Canavan is a gateway to treating other diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, ALS and Multiple Sclerosis, making our journey about so much more than just Benny & Josh.

The generous donations up until now have funded the research, safety testing, drug manufacturing and completion of the necessary paperwork required by the FDA. The drug manufacturing has now been completed, and Benny and Josh, with Hashem’s help, will finally be treated this summer.


We have come so far and we are so close to what once seemed like an impossible goal. But we still owe the company manufacturing the drug $650,000 due this coming Sunday MAY 31st or we risk late payment penalties, or worse, delays in treatment that could mean irreparable damage to our sons’ lives. And in a few weeks, shortly after Shavuos, we will be signing a contract with the hospital where the boys will receive the treatment, committing to payment of an additional $560,000. ($280,000 per child for the surgery and hospitalization costs) Bringing our total current fundraising goal to $1.2M.

Your help is the difference between life and death for these two beautiful neshamot. Please donate and share this story. “Anyone who saves one life, saves an entire world”. (Sanhedrin 4:5). Let’s come together and save two.


This cause has been endorsed by the following Rabbis;

Rabbi Etan Tokayer of Kingsway Jewish Center

Rabbi Yisroel Reisman of Agudath Yisroel of Madison

Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Congregation Shaarei Zion

Rabbi Herschel Zolty of Beis Medrash of Flatbush

Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff of Agudath Israel Bais Binyamin (Aguda of Ave L)

Rabbi Avram Klein of Adas Yeshurin Bais Moshe

Rabbi Kenneth Auman of Young Israel of Flatbush

Rabbi Elisha Weiss of Merkaz Yisrael of Marine Park