Health Minister Edelstein approves gatherings of up to 50 people

Opening of economy continues, but Health Minister warns citizens must cooperate with guidelines or face renewed closure.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Health Ministry meeting
Health Ministry meeting

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein continued the trend of easing the burden on the economy.

In an assessment of the situation Thursday regarding the coronavirus together with his senior officials, Edelstein instructed ministry director-general Moshe Bar Siman-Tov to sign an order allowing up to 50 people to gather, even in closed buildings.

People at these gatherings would still be required to maintain a distance of at least two meters between each other and to wear facial masks.

It will also be possible to work without a mask in a workplace with a 1.20 meter partition between employee and employee, compared with 1.50 meters as of now.

The need to prepare for a potential second wave of the coronavirus was also raised during the assessment.

Minister Edelstein stated: "We are in a 'time to open,' but we must not slip into complacency. I reiterate - our continuing to open the economy in accordance with the Health Ministry's layout depends mainly on our adherence to the Health Ministry's rules. Without the cooperation of Israeli citizens, the coronavirus may intensify and the economy may close again."