The Call - New musical clip in honor of Jerusalem

'Boomerang - Fighting for Israel' is marking Jerusalem with a up beat musical clip, filmed in the magnificent city of cities

Arutz Sheva ,

Jerusalem - The Call
Jerusalem - The Call

Jerusalem - The Call

Hey, you looking at me?
I see your curiosity
I've been away could hardly stand
I've paid the price to walk again.

For some I'm a stranger
For others a changer
But why do people need to cheat?
Relax, this isn't my personal story
Close your eyes - feel the beat.

Indigenous that's me
Where's your honesty to see
Reality - this land is mine
Soaked with my blood and tears,
Years... decades of fears

But I was never alone on the rivers of Babylon.
We sat down and cried.
Cried? We nearly died.
If I forget thee Zion
Forget my right hand
We will never sing the Lord's song in a foreign land.

If I forget you love
Zion, never forget

Yeah - millennia – that's me
I've been here way before your first cuppa' tea
Out casted in this reality
Open your ears to the prophecy

But one day I was told
To wait and behold
Eagle wings would come and carry me home.
The reincarnation
A lighthouse to the nation
Salam Alecum, Peace, Shalom

So I object to being told
By those who never hold
And remember
And now they're trying to get me sold.
Leaving me bold
To those, I will never surrender.

If I forget you love
Zion, never forget

Self- righteous in their eyes
Disingenuous with their lies
In the name of justice they chant
From the river to the sea there will be no more Jew to see

So no more waiting for people to get the hang
Or for the bell to clang..
Bang bang boomerang.

And I will bring you to the land, I swore
I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you
I will open your graves and bring you into the land Of Israel
Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more

Produced and Presented by: Ezri Tubi
Production supervisor: Emanuel Nachum
Music produced, programed and arranged by: Emanuel Nachum, Echo Productions Ltd. Israel
Words & presentation: Ezri Tubi
Recording and vocals: David Lifshitz
Narrator: Tamir Kreisman
Video Production Manager: Zion Tubi (Ezri's 19 year old daughter)
Filming and editing: Tfila Tubi (Ezri's 13 year old daughter), Ezri Tubi. Aviz Studios
Drone: Ezri Tubi, Moshe Israel
Vocals: Ezri Tubi, David Lifshitz, Aden Nachum, Yoash Nachum, Peleh Nachum
Video Effects: Leon Dmitrienko
Mix and Mastering: Amit Golan

As Zion: Zion Tubi
Man searching for Zion: Yakov Kasteriano
Teenage girl: Ayala Hezi
Teenager boy : Elyakim HaCohen
Family: Cohen family – Havat Gilad