Jewish Home approves coalition agreement

Religious Zionist party approves deal to enter unity government with Likud, Blue and White.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rafi Peretz and Nir Orbach
Rafi Peretz and Nir Orbach

The Jewish Home central committee approved the agreement for the party to enter the unity government by secret ballot.

Only 296 committee members out of nearly 1,000 participated in the vote, less than a third. 68% of the voters supported joining the government.

Voting was held during the day Wednesday in four locations across the country,

Jewish Home Chairman Minister Rafi Peretz said after receiving the results: "The Jewish Home, despite all the background noise, proves to be a solid foundation for religious Zionism and a vibrant democratic party. I am happy that on the eve of Jerusalem Day celebrating the reunification of the city, the center of the Jewish Home is voting for unity and reconciliation for the people."

The party's chief executive, Nir Orbach, said that "the Jewish Home is the only religious Zionist party based on democratic institutions and has ratified the agreement by its members."

"Religious, state, and classical Zionism is now represented in the government by the Jewish Home and it is our duty to prove it to the public. With proper public and political work, we can renew and expand the home," Orbach concluded.