Guidelines for reopening of synagogues

Worshippers should bring prayer books from home, all synagogues must have hand sanitizers at entrances.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Synagogue (illustration)
Synagogue (illustration)

The World Organization of Orthodox Synagogues Communities in Israel and the Diaspora has issued guidelines and recommendations to local and community leaders following Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's decision to open the synagogues while adhering to the Ministry of Health's guidelines.

The number of worshipers should not exceed 50. If necessary - additional services must be held at different times, in other rooms of the synagogue or in the open space.

All worshippers must adhere to social distancing rules requiring a space of at least two meters between each person.

All worshippers must wear face masks.

Each synagogue must appoint a person with the task of ensuring all guidelines are followed.

The rules of hygiene must be followed and synagogues must be properly disinfected on a regular basis.

Hand sanitizer should be kept at the entrance to each synagogue.

Liquid soap must be kept at every sink. Only disposable towels should be used.

Synagogues must be kept properly ventilated, including the opening of windows.

During the reading of the Torah, the person reading and the oleh must be at least two meters apart.

Worshippers must bring tallitot (prayer shawls), siddurim (prayer books), and Chumashim (copies of the Five Books of Moses) from home and not use those in the synagogue.

Older people and those with background illness who are in an at-risk group should not pray inside a synagogue but should pray outdoors.