New record for electricity usage in Israel

Electric company says energy consumption breaks 10-month-old record after previous record set due to the current heatwave.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

electric company workers
electric company workers
IEC spokesperson

The Israel Electric Company (IEC) announced that a new record for electricity usage was set Tuesday afternoon as Israel experiences a heatwave.

At 1:55 PM, consumption in Israel reached 13,809 megawatts as homes across the country turned on their air conditioners to deal with the unseasonably high temperatures. This broke the previous record for electricity usage of 13,568 megawatts which was set ten months ago.

Yiftach Ron Tal, Chairman of the Electric Company, said: "The Electric Company is prepared to deal with stress situations and has proven itself time and time again, especially thanks to its dedicated employees. Professionalism, service and responsibility is part of our DNA. As I proudly say - the electric company is Israel's electric army. "

IEC CEO Ofer Bloch added: "The electricity company has been in emergency operations for several days. Our employees work very hard to ensure proper power supply to our customers - and despite the challenging situation we succeed in the task, through perfect synchronization between self-production, private production, and renewable energy. This is a complex operational challenge involving the managing of dozens of production units from Dan to Eilat."