'We learn Torah for the sake of our Diaspora brethren'

The 'Bnei David' students are dedicating all of their Torah studies for the health and well being of Jewish communities around the world

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

מתחילים שנה במכינת עלי
מתחילים שנה במכינת עלי
באדיבות בני דוד

In wake of the coronavirus pandemic that has spread throughout the Jewish communities of the world, the Bnei David pre-military academy Yeshiva in Eli has decided to lend its support in battling the virus in the spiritual sphere.

A placard quoting a segment of the prayers from the siddur was hung at the entrance to the Beit Midrash (the study hall). The sign calls those entering to dedicate their studies to the welfare of the People of Israel who have fallen sick.

Rabbi Eli Sadan, the head of Bnei David, has joined the declaration calling to pray for the complete recovery of all who have fallen ill from the Jewish People: "'All of Israel are responsible for one another' is not just a saying, now is the time to prove it is what we really feel and believe."

Bnei David Director Lior Shtul stresses the importance of the Beit Midrash studies especially in this moment in time: "Our friends around the world have partnered us since the establishment of the 'Bnei David' Mechina, we have been journeying this path together and now many of these communities have had congregants who were sick with COVID-19, some of whom have passed away. This is our time to give back and support them in our prayers and with our Torah studies."

Bnei David Mechina, Eli
Bnei David Spokesman