Hebrew University student group video takes aim at IDF soldiers

Student branch of the communist Hadash party produces video calling for struggle against IDF soldiers.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hebrew University
Hebrew University
Hebrew University

The student branch of the far-left communist Hadash party at Hebrew University is facing sharp criticism for publishing an inciting video last week against IDF soldiers and Hebrew University.

The video, published by the group ahead of "Nakba Day" and accompanied with subtitles in Arabic, Hebrew and English, begins by depicting a timeline accusing Israel of perpetrating a range of crimes against humanity since 1948, and then takes aim at IDF soldiers studying at Hebrew University.

"The Hebrew University, is a partner!" charges the video after displaying a number of close-up photos of students in IDF uniform on the university's campus.

"72 years of the Palestinian Nakba. And until today.. We are confronting and fighting the occupation's soldiers and policies: on [sic] the checkpoints, in houses and neighborhoods, and in the universities!"

"Is it the Hebrew University, or the Military one?!!" asks the video.

The video continues: "In the library, they sat next to us.. At the checkpoints, they humiliated our families! On one hand [sic] they drink coffee with us, on the other hand they point a rifle at us."

"The university's roof became a sniper's station, to shoot at courageous people in Issawiya!"

"The Nakba continues.. The Nakba is present everyday.. We have not forgotten… nor will we forget," concludes the video.

Yuval Segev, the Jerusalem and police correspondent for IDF Radio, tweeted in response: "Read the text and see the photos of the soldiers walking on campus. Honestly, I am afraid for my friends who are there."

The Zionist watchdog group Im Tirtzu blasted the video and sent a letter on Monday to Hebrew University's president and dean of students demanding that they discipline the heads of the Hadash branch.

"This is serious incitement against students at our university, which can deteriorate very quickly into action," wrote Im Tirtzu's Hebrew University branch.

"It is inconceivable that an official student branch at the university, which enjoys the services and prestige of the university, shamelessly accuses it of being a criminal and cooperating with the so-called enemy – the State of Israel and IDF soldiers."

Im Tirtzu's letter concluded: "We are calling on you to summon the heads of the Hadash branch to a disciplinary hearing and to exercise the full weight of the law in the face of this incitement against IDF soldiers. The university cannot allow this incitement to rear its ugly head."

The university responded to the controversy with a statement Monday, saying that Hebrew University "permits free speech for a wide range of opinions and views, so long as nothing illegal is done. In the video which was released over social media networks there are lies presented regarding the university - no Arab student was 'thrown out of the dorms' to make room for soldiers, and the university's roof was never 'turned into a sniper position for shooting at youths in Issawiya'. Furthermore, if anyone believes this video or part of its content constitutes incitement or some other crime, they should report it to the relevant authorities."