Netanyahu-supporting publicist: Independent thinkers left out of government

"Leaving out [of gov't] those able to think for themselves is very bad news for Likud and the right-wing camp," Shimon Riklin writes.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Shimon Riklin
Shimon Riklin
Flash 90

Publicist Shimon Riklin, who has been known as an outspoken supporter of Netanyahu, posted a Tweet Sunday morning in which he accused Netanyahu of leaving "independent thinkers" out of the government.

"Bennett, Shaked, Smotrich. They're not alone. It appears that Elkin, Steinitz, Barkat, Sa'ar and Dichter (partial list) didn't receive anything, either," Riklin said regarding the string of Likud MKs.

It was later announced that Ze'ev Elkin would be appointed Minister of Higher Education and Minister of Water Resources, and Transportation Minister during the second half of the term. Similarly, the PM decided Yuval Steinitz would continue to serve as Energy Minister.

"Leaving those able to think for themselves outside is very bad news for Likud and the right-wing camp," Riklin continued, "and, unfortunately, a mistake by Netanyahu."

"It's not too late to fix it," Riklin concluded.

Yamina MK Betzalel Smotrich responded to Riklin's Tweet, writing, "Register, Shimon. Netanyahu is going to recognize an Arab state on the basis of the Trump plan, under cover of some quarter-sovereignty over a small part of the area. Therefore, he needs a government of obedient yes-men around him who won't make problems."

"We will fight this from the outside to the best of our ability. I hope the few idealists in Likud (most of whom will apparently be left out) will cooperate."