How will the center-left bloc divide their portfolios?

New report details how Blue & White likely to divide portfolios - and a Blue & White MK may be the first-ever female Ethiopian minister.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz
Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Blue and White Chairman MK Benny Gantz will meet Wednesday with members of his party and inform them of how the portfolios given to the center-left bloc will be divided.

Gantz himself will serve as Defense Minister as well as alternate Prime Minister, while MK Gabi Ashkenazi will serve as Foreign Minister, and MK Avi Nissenkorn will serve as Justice Minister.

MK Hili Tropper will be Culture Minister, while MK Alon Schuster will be Agriculture Minister. MK Penina Tamanu-Shata will be Immigration and Absorption Minister - the first Ethiopian woman to serve in a ministerial role.

According to a Kan report, the Tourism Ministry will be given either to MK Asaf Zamir (Blue and White)or to MK Orit Farkash-Hacohen (Blue and White). The party's MK Michael Biton will receive either the Minorities Ministry, the Diaspora Affairs Ministry, the Tourism Ministry, or the Strategic Affairs Ministry.

Blue and White's haredi representative, MK Omer Yankelevich, may receive the Diaspora Affairs Ministry, and Meirav Cohen is likely to receive the Social Equality Ministry. The Science Ministry will likely be given to MK Izhar Shay, and MK Miki Haimovich is likely to be chosen to chair the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee.

The Labor party will receive the Economy and Welfare ministries, which will be filled by MKs Amir Peretz and Itzik Shmuli, respectively.