Deputy Education Minister: The Likud must work to add Yamina to the coalition

MK Meir Porush: Yamina showed loyalty to Netanyahu, the Likud must do everything to ensure it is in the coalition.

Ben Shaul ,

Meir Porush
Meir Porush
Hezki Baruch

Deputy Education Minister MK Meir Porush (United Torah Judaism) said on Tuesday that the Likud should endeavor to integrate the Yamina party into the coalition as it appeared more and more likely that Yamina will be headed to the opposition.

"The Likud must do everything to ensure that Yamina, which is part of the right-wing bloc, will be in the coalition," the Deputy Minister said.

Porush noted that the establishment of the impending government is possible solely because of the loyalty to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that has been shown by all the components of the right-wing bloc, including Yamina. "We have reached this point because of the unity and coordination between the parties and this must continue," he said.

Earlier on Tuesday evening, a Yamina official commented on the appointment of Yuli Edelstein as Minister of Health, claiming that "Netanyahu slammed the door on our entry into the government."

He said the Prime Minister "was looking for the perfect way to humiliate Yamina and all its voters, and succeeded. Edelstein did not even demand the Health Ministry, [Naftali] Bennett did, and Yamina deserved it in light of his functioning during the coronavirus crisis."

"This is a calculated move by Netanyahu to destroy the alliance with religious Zionism. Netanyahu's betrayal of those who were most faithful to him marks the beginning of his end in politics," said the Yamina official.