Shaked responds to Netanyahu: The haredim got more than 10 senior positions

MK Shaked responds to Prime Minister after he attacked Yamina for not accepting his proposal and joining the coalition.

Hezki Baruch ,

Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet Shaked
Kobi Richter/TPS

Former Justice Minister MK Ayelet Shaked on Tuesday evening released a video in which she responded to a video published earlier by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and in which he attacked Yamina’s decision not to accept the proposal that was made to it and join the coalition.

"The Prime Minister says that we asked for four senior positions, while the haredim asked for three ministers," Shaked began. "The haredim received over ten senior positions and we have no problem with that. They were our partners. This is not about us at all, but the numbers cannot be distorted."

Shaked added that the Prime Minister complained in his video that Yamina did not sign the recent request for the President to impose the task of forming a government on him. "Prime Minister, three times we recommended you to the President, we signed countless letters of loyalty to you. Maybe we were wrong, we should have had you sign for us."

"Religious Zionism will not forgive you for throwing away your most loyal ideological partner. We have gone with you for many years. Large sections of our public elected you because of your commitment that we will be senior partners alongside you," Shaked charged.

In his video, Netanyahu had claimed that "my goal is that the unity government should include the entire right-wing bloc. Unfortunately, Yamina rejected the generous proposal I made to them, which was far beyond their relative size, a proposal that cares for many of the interests at the core of religious Zionism."

"They asked for four senior positions for six Knesset members. Shas and Agudat Yisrael together are 16 Knesset members. They asked for three ministers. This means that Yamina’s request is impossible to fulfill in any way," Netanyahu added.

The Prime Minister went on to attack the members of Yamina, claiming, "Even before that, Yamina refused to recommend me to the President as a candidate to form the government, contrary to the promise they gave to their voters."

"I hope that there will be a change here. In any case, religious Zionism is part of us. Most of religious Zionism voted for Likud, they are represented in the Likud, and the government headed by me will continue to look after our common interests and values," Netanyahu concluded.