Shimon Riklin: Netanyahu throws religious Zionism to the winds

Commentator Shimon Ricklin, formerly considered Netanyahu associate, posts sharp tweet against PM on Twitter, but later deletes it.

Mordechai Sones ,

Shimon Riklin
Shimon Riklin

Media personality Shimon Riklin, who serves as commentator and presenter on Channel 20 and previously considered close to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, posted this evening a sharp tweet about the rift between Netanyahu and Yamina.

"In short, Netanyahu is throwing religious Zionism to the winds. It's wrong and unjust. It's a great shame," tweeted Riklin, apparently in response to the announcement of Yuli Edelstein's appointment as Health Minister, but deleted the tweet after a few minutes.

At noon, Riklin posted a milder tweet on the same topic, urging Netanyahu to be generous to Yamina following its loyalty to the Right-leaning bloc over the past year.

"Hello to the Prime Minister. In the name of unity. You made many concessions to Gantz. It's time. For the sake of loyalty. And, in truth, in the interests of the State of Israel. Show more generosity towards Yamina. And put them in government," Riklin wrote.

He says, "Religious Zionism has consistently walked with you and supported you even in the most difficult days. It's time to do the obvious. And keep the bloc."