What did JD Salinger know?

Salinger knew his world, and I know mine, which leads me to realize that phonies still walk among us - and it keeps getting worse. Op-ed.

Jack Engelhard ,

Jack Engelhard
Jack Engelhard
Jack Engelhard

What did JD Salinger know, and when did he know it?

The word “phony” was in use, certainly in my neighborhood, well before JD Salinger peppered it throughout his novel “The Catcher in the Rye.”

If you wondered what was bothering Salinger (through Holden Caulfield), look around. Not when the book was published in 1951…but today, 2020.

Salinger knew something.

He did not know Adam Schiff, nor Robert Mueller, nor John Brennan, nor James Clapper, nor James Comey, nor Peter Strzok, nor Lisa Page, nor any of the other Deep State cohorts who formed a counsel of the wicked to overthrow an incoming president of the United States. Salinger had McCarthyism and this is what we’ve got by way of dirty rotten hypocrites.

A generation apart, but phonies still walk among us.

Nothing ever changes? Does it only get worse?

The New York Times keeps finding new levels of depravity, most recently with this doozy – “Israel is fighting coronavirus instead of killing people.”

That’s the source the rest of the media turn to for leadership. Through such mendacity the fish stinks from top to bottom.

There is no one to trust, neither for our news, nor for our political leadership, in terms of Liberals in power.
Then they win Pulitzers for the falsehoods they spread. How so? Because they all dine and dance together in the same brothel.

There is no one to trust, neither for our news, nor for our political leadership, in terms of Liberals in power.

Meantime, Abbas is upset because the banks are wary about transacting his pay-to-slay operation, since Israel criminalized the business…yes, the business.

It is astonishing to realize that murdering Israelis is commerce…a functioning, thriving, flourishing vocation…and the world shrugs.

More than that, the world contributes, so that if financing gets tight, countries throughout the European Union are more than happy to chip in.

I was right to say in my book of memoirs that the Holocaust never ended, not for the Europeans, never for the Europeans.

Biden assures the PA and that he would restore any shortfall in the funding.

Salinger knew his world, and I know mine, which leads me to the belief that journalism can only take us so far toward understanding this world at this moment.

It needs the panoramic scope of a novelist to make sense of the unfathomable.

Back in the USA, now that Gen. Michael Flynn has been exonerated, after a prolonged effort to bring him down through false charges of Russia collusion, the boomerang of guilt is gaining speed directly at Barack Obama. How filthy are his hands …going back to the origins of the frame-up to bring down President Trump?

Are they all crooked?

In the case of Joe Biden being accused of sexual misconduct, the Democrats suddenly find the Me-too movement too inconvenient.

Bill Maher says bringing down Trump is more important than justice for Tara Reade. For Kavanaugh, they all jumped in with both feet for the accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. If I had the time, I would write a book about her. Talk about a phony – and all the rest of the jackals. They all wanted a piece of the carcass…in what’s got to be the slimiest period in American history.

Honest. I can’t remember why I decided to bring up Salinger. Maybe it’s because this morning a reader asked if Rick Code, in the novel “News Anchor Sweetheart,” is modelled after Salinger…and if his wife, Marjorie Carmen, is a stand-in for Megyn Kelly. I prefer that readers figure it out.

Anyway, Megyn knows sexual harassment, and Salinger knew the world without rose-colored glasses.

Any questions?

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