The balance between positive attitudes, emunah & bitachon strong.

During these challenging times, many have begun to re-assess their priorities and come to terms with their mortality.

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‘midah k’neged midah’
‘midah k’neged midah’

Rav Chaim Kanievsky gave surprising advice this week, as to procuring longevity, ‘midah k’neged midah’ (measure for measure): Helping one particular family.

The ‘H’ family made headlines a few days ago for their unique story. Three newborn triplets were left without a mother after Mrs ‘H’ passed away after birth. Their father was left to mourn with other children at home, and the newborns were split up among various families so they could receive the emotional & financial support they needed. Recently, in a touching reunion which deeply moved all who were present, the siblings were brought back to live together. Just as it seemed that all would be fine, however, the current financial disaster came to knock them off of their feet. The ‘H’ family are now desperately poor.

Rosh Yeshiva Rav Chaim Feinstein personally took their case to the offices of Rav Chaim Kanievsky to appeal on their behalf. Rav Kanievsky was moved by their story and gave the following pertinent bracha to all those who unite to help them:

“All who donate to them shall merit, midah k’neged midah, that they and their offspring will have longevity for all their generations, and raise their children and marry them off in the lifetimes of their father and mother!”

Though none of us can know what the future brings, it is clear in our tradition that the blessing of a tzaddik is a powerful force. All those who wish to unite in an important cause which is backed by two of the greatest talmidei chachamim of our generation can do so, and receive their bracha, here.