'The day after' coronavirus, in Jewish communities around the world

Global Round Table to discuss rehabilitating Jewish communities around the world, and creating new opportunities for ideas and initiatives.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yitzhak Herzog, Jewish Agency Chairman
Yitzhak Herzog, Jewish Agency Chairman
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The coronavirus crisis has impacted the entire world and has had dramatic ramifications on worldwide Jewish Communities, on community leadership, community resilience and its ability to provide services, communal life and in some cases even risks to the very existence of the community.

While the communities' rehabilitation is expected to be a lengthy process, as the implications of the crisis are considerable and multi-faceted, this period could actually create possibilities/ opportunities for new ideas, initiatives and communal structures, perhaps reshaping Jewish life in the post-corona world.

In light of the above, the Jewish Agency for Israel will convene a Global Jewish Organizations Round Table to address the "day after."

The objective is to collectively discuss and understand the status of the various Jewish communities in different countries, to identify progression of any extreme circumstances which demand a systematic response, as well as identify particular needs projected during the long recovery period.

The forum will also strive to identify opportunities, processes, initiatives and new possible community structures which can support the communities and their needs in this special period.

The Global Round Table will be made up of multi-national and global Jewish organizations whose focus is communities and welfare.

Co-chairing the Global Round Table will be the Minister of Diaspora Affairs and the Chairman of the Executive of The Jewish Agency.

The forum, which will meet for the first time on May 26, will be held at Chairman or CEO level representation of each organization and will convene by Zoom once every other week throughout the recovery period from this crisis.

"Now more than ever, 'all of Israel are responsible for One Another' is the call we must heed," the Jewish Agency said in a statement. "The way to ensure the future of the thriving Jewish world in the Diaspora communities is to join forces, global organizations alongside the State of Israel, and face these challenges and opportunities together. We are excited and proud to embark on this road together with you."