Tensions in Blue and White over appointment of Gantz close associate

MK Omer Yankelevitch was placed in the 23rd spot on the Blue and White slate but Gantz still intends to appoint her as a minister.

Ben Ariel ,

Omer Yankelevitch
Omer Yankelevitch
Rami Zaranger

Members of the Blue and White party are criticizing in closed talks a plan by chairman Benny Gantz to appoint MK Omer Yankelevitch as a minister in the unity government.

MK Miki Haimovich, who was placed in higher spot on the Blue and White slate and is considered a rising star, is unlikely to receive a ministerial role while Yankelevitch, who is considered close to Gantz, will receive such a role.

According to a report in Channel 12 News, Haimovich sought to be appointed as Environmental Protection Minister, but that portfolio remained in the hands of the Likud. She was reportedly willing to compromise on the Culture Ministry or the Agriculture Ministry, but both of those have been taken by others. It is believed she will chair a committee.

The Likud is planning to bring back MK Haim Katz to the position of chairman of the Knesset Labor and Welfare Committee, after he served as Welfare Minister and had to step down from his post due to an indictment against him.

The indictment against Katz deals with his activities on the committee. Despite the fact that he was granted immunity by the Knesset, his appointment is expected to raise eyebrows.