'There's no room for three right-wing parties - we need unity'

Ayelet Shaked calls for Yamina's three factions to unite into single party, amid reports of bid by Netanyahu confidant to split the faction.

Hezki Baruch ,

Shaked and Bennett in Yamina meeting
Shaked and Bennett in Yamina meeting
Yamina spokesperson

Yamina MK and former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked called Sunday afternoon for the unification of the Yamina list’s three constituent factions into a single political party.

Speaking at a gathering of the party’s six-member Knesset delegation on Sunday, Shaked said that the Yamina list – an alliance of three small rightist factions – must become a single, united political party.

“There is no room for three parties, it hurts us. We need to have a quick process for holding primaries for a single party.”

Shaked also chided Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, amid reports Netanyahu confidant and former chief of staff for the prime minister, Natan Eshel, is working to break up Yamina into two separate factions, with the Jewish Home and National Union’s three MKs in the planned unity government, and the New Right in the opposition.

“I thought that Netanyahu wanted to protect the [right-wing] bloc which got him where he is. It took me a while to understand that he just really wants us out of the [government],” Shaked told faction members.

“He didn’t even invite us to negotiations, and wouldn’t sit with us in the same room. The reality is that he decided to break up the [rightist] bloc, and this is proof that apparently Netanyahu sees this is it.”