Amazon resumes shipping to Israel - at a price

E-commerce giant resumes int'l deliveries, but currently only offers expensive express shipping. "Airways are limited at the moment."

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,


E-commerce giant Amazon renewed its shipping service to Israel this weekend, but only offers express shipping for dozens of dollars.

Following the Corona outbreak, Amazon stopped deliveries to Israel on March 22. Until then, it had offered free shipping for purchases over $49, a benefit that has not been returned to the popular shopping site.

Amazon warns of extended shipping times due to the Corona crisis. "Airways are limited at the moment, which affects our ability to ship products as quickly and efficiently as we would at regular times."

Benny Buchnik, founder of the Facebook group "I Need It" ["Kazeh Ani Rotzeh"], explained on his Facebook page that "Currently the shipments are based on the expensive courier companies and express routes only, and in addition there are a smaller variety of products. No free shipping, right now. "

"The cost of shipping is expensive. It's super fast, but expensive. Amazon is currently relying on cargo flights of the big companies. Shipping via passenger flights is not yet possible, and this is the platform that used to have mostly cheap or free shipping. But - and this is important - they are starting to get back to normal,” he added.