Father of Barkan terrorist released to celebrations

Israel releases father of terrorist who murdered 2 at Barkan Industrial Zone who did not prevent attack and helped son escape.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

site of Barkan attack
site of Barkan attack
Hillel Meir/TPS

Walid Slimman Na'alwa, the father of terrorist Ashraf Na'alwa who murdered two Israelis in the shooting attack in the Barkan Industrial Zone a year and a half ago, was released from Israeli prison yesterday.

According to the indictment filed against him, Na'alwa was aware of his son's intentions to murder Israelis and even disrupted legal proceedings. The military court sentenced him to 18 months in prison. His term ended yesterday.

The father of the terrorist arrived at a new house built on the ruins of the house that was destroyed by the IDF after the murders, and was greeted with celebrations organized by the villagers.

Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan said: "This is a father who raised a monster. It is not a human being but a cruel animal with nothing and nothing to do with humanity.

Dagan, who visited the scene of the attack together with the IDF commander, said that the images from the scene would accompany him for the rest oft his life, "an unprecedented event of brutality."

"We saw today the celebrations pictures in honor of the father who was released from detention after a short sentence of one and a half years. He could have prevented the murder but not only did not prevent but also helped his son escape afterwards," Dagan said. "These celebrations are a sight of our lost deterrence. Anyone who is able to celebrate aiding the murder of innocent people just because they are Jewish is not afraid. If Israeli deterrence were stronger I am sure we would not see these celebrations."