Watch: IDF simulates terrorist infiltration

IDF holds exercise in Samaria community of Revava simulating terrorist infiltration and shooting attack.

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The exercise
The exercise
IDF Spokesperson

Yesterday, a surprise exercise took place in Revava, in the area of the "Ephraim" regional brigade. The exercise simulated a multi-casualty scenario, in which terrorists had infiltrated Jewish communities to shoot and fire at Israeli civilians and soldiers.

The army says that the exercise was carried out in full coordination with the local councils and expressed the importance of cooperation between the IDF and the communities for the security of the residents.

The forces report that the exercise was completed successfully and that it contributed to maintaining the operational fitness and competence of the forces. "The Judea and Samaria Division and the Ephraim Regional Brigade are preparing themselves for every possible scenario at any time, even in the presence of the Corona epidemic," officials in the IDF concluded.