Father tearfully retells terrifying story of saving kids’ lives

The Margaliot family were left with no belongings but the clothing on their backs.

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 Father Tearfully Retells
 Father Tearfully Retells
Kupat Hair

In an extremely emotional video, 30-year-old Moshe Margaliot stands in the charred remains of what was once his apartment. He had left for shacharis on a Sunday morning and returned to find his home destroyed.

“I came close to the house and heard screaming,” he recalls. “It was my own wife, screaming for help.”

It’s at this point that he becomes overwhelmed with emotion. “She’s screaming: ‘Save my children! Get them out of the house!’”

“I saw that the entrance to the house was black, and my children were inside. My oldest daughter wasn’t able to leave. It was a miracle we were able to get them out.”

The Margaliot family, though thrilled to have escaped with their lives, were left with no belongings but the clothing on their backs. Now homeless, they are faced with the task of replacing everything needed to run a basic household. Clothing, shoes, toiletries,diapers, linens, school supplies, secondhand furniture & appliances, and of course, a simple apartment to put them in. Their previous apartment is now entirely unlivable.

Though times are challenging, stories like these help us to appreciate the most basic things. Each belonging we own, each article of clothing or functional appliance, is a luxury which could be gone in a moment. For the Margaliot family, that moment has passed, and they have turned to the public for help: Emergency donations are being collected to help them begin again.