AG to Supreme Court: 'Don't disqualify coalition agreement'

AG announces following Likud/Blue & White clarification, no reason to rule coalition agreement or any of its clauses should be invalidated.

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

Attorney General Dr. Avichai Mandelblit submitted his response to the Supreme Court in response to a clarification by the Likud and Blue and White factions, following the court's decision yesterday.

In the clarification, the factions jointly announced that the government's basic guidelines would be introduced upon its inauguration, the restriction on Knesset legislation would be abolished, and the freeze on senior appointments would be cut to a hundred days only.

In his response, the Attorney General stated that following the clarifications submitted by the factions signed to the coalition agreement, as well as the possibility of giving its relevant provisions an interpretation as set out in the Attorney General's position, and given the common law that does not have the power of a coalition agreement to prevail over the rules of public law and established legal decisions, the Attorney General believes there is no reason to rule that the agreement, or any of its clauses, should be invalidated.

In this context, the Court noted the case law that maintains Supreme Court intervention in coalition agreements for exceptional and rare cases.

The Supreme Court ruling is expected to be issued in the next 48 hours, following which the Likud and Blue and White factions are expected to ask the President jointly to charge Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with forming a government.