IDF Intelligence vs the 'invisible enemy,' the coronavirus

As most of the IDF returns to a normal routine, 400 intelligence officials to continue the battle against COVID-19.

Nitzan Keidar ,


In most IDF soldiers will return to their daily routine, and the coronavirus crisis operation will shift to the responsibility of the state and the Health Ministry.

Division 98 soldiers will return to their training and operational occupations, the Home Front Command will release the reserve personnel and the soldiers who assisted the police in enforcing the closures will return to the IDF positions.

One division which will not see a return to normalcy is the IDF Intelligence Division. Its personnel will continue to study the "invisible enemy" that has spread across the world. A dedicated 400-strong task force will continue its fight against the coronavirus.

The Intelligence Division reviews and scans every piece of information that is published around the globe on the epidemic, processes it, produces data, and provides insights that help decision-makers at the highest level.

In the last month, the Intelligence Division's technology unit was exposed to the public thanks to the rapid development of the new ventilators. To date, about 300 such machines have been supplied, all of them low-cost 'Blue and White' products, which have received the Health Ministry's approval.

Soon, Israel will also be able to export the respiratory devices to other countries around the world to help cope with the burdens faced by hospitals.

Another capability developed in the intelligence divisions allows monitoring, isolation and marking areas, streets, houses and neighborhoods where there is a fear of a significant outbreak of the virus. The 8200 unit is currently developing a prototype for a national communications system that will concentrate all data into one dashboard.

"Just as we embark on a campaign or attack and we mark targets and targets in advance and know exactly from which room a rocket or terror attack is launched, we have signaled ourselves to bring high-quality intelligence to medical professionals with red, yellow or green areas," a senior intelligence official told Arutz Sheva.

"At the start of Aviv Kochavi's term as Chief of Staff, he demanded synchronization between all intelligence and information divisions, so that every body knew how to "talk" to each other. The directive was intended to sharpen intelligence capabilities against the enemies of the State of Israel. In recent weeks, the system has become a focal point. From all fronts we are fighting the new enemy: the deadly coronavirus."