Synagogues in Germany begin reopening

German authorities give greenlight to reopening of central synagogues, so long as social distancing regulations maintained.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Great Synagogue of Frankfurt
Great Synagogue of Frankfurt
Rafael Ehrlich

German authorities notified local rabbis Friday morning that they will be permitted to reopen some synagogues, so long as they maintain social distancing inside the houses of worship.

According to the new directives issued Friday, only larger synagogues will be permitted to operate at this stage, where the minimum distances between worshippers can be maintained, allowing those present to adhere to social distancing requirements.

Singing will not be permitted during synagogue services, however, and authorities have asked that prayer services be kept as short as possible.

In addition, worshippers will be required to bring prayer shawls from home, along with prayer books. Worshippers must also maintain their distance from the cantor leading prayers.

“Up until now, and hopefully from now on as well, the situation here has been relatively good, and we’ve managed to control the outbreaks – that’s what the authorities have told us, and God-willing everything will be with happiness and health, and we’ll merit to hear good news from communities around the world,” said Rabbi Avichai Apel, the Chief Rabbi of Frankfurt.