'Israeli Supreme Court unconstitutional, unbalanced, and immoral'

Israeli anti-illegal immigration activist in demonstration against the Supreme Court: "We have long, difficult account with the government."

Hezki Baruch ,

Sheffi Paz
Sheffi Paz
Hezki Baruch

"On Israel's 72nd Independence Day, there are Israeli Jews living in fear of a pogrom," anti-illegal immigrant activist Sheffi Paz told Arutz Sheva.

"There are Jews who are afraid of being murdered without the police raising a finger to protect them. Every time the Supreme Court passes a law against the legal residents of southern Tel Aviv and in support of the infiltrators, we get an increase in disrespect and crime in the area," she said.

"We have a long and difficult account to settle with the government and the municipality but today we are protesting against the Supreme Court which passed the First, Second and Third Infiltration Law and this week in honor of Independence Day overruled the Deposit Law.

"The Supreme Court is an unconstitutional, unbalanced and immoral organization. We are calling on the Israeli government to stand up for itself and find the courage to tell the Court it refuses to obey it damned ruling."

"When an infiltrator smiles and tells a journalist that this is his country and one day his children will run your life, he doesn't just mean southern Tel Aviv. He's referring to the entire state of Israel. We're fighting for the future of the entire country here," concluded Paz.