Lapid: We'll do everything to bring down Netanyahu gov't

Yesh Atid Chairman pushes back against claims he endorses Netanyahu, after he said he would say yes if Netanyahu sought to cancel rotation.

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Yesh Atid Chair Yair Lapid
Yesh Atid Chair Yair Lapid
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Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid on Thursday pushed back against claims that statements he had made on Monday in a Knesset committee meeting were a gesture of support for Netanyahu as prime minister.

At the meeting, Lapid had opposed the legislation being promoted to allow for the Netanyahu-Gantz rotation deal, saying he would vote to cancel the agreement whenever Netanyahu is ready.

“Any time Bibi wants to stop the rotation, all he has to do is come to me and say that he wants to return the laws to how they were before, and I will say yes,” Lapid had said. “We respect our democracy, and these horrible and shameful bills must be canceled.”

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Lapid emphasized that his statements were not an endorsement of Netanyahu. "For anyone who didn’t understand – we will do everything to bring down Netanyahu’s government and of course we won’t support him."

"On Monday I was in the special Knesset committee. We are fighting with everything we’ve got against the attempts to take apart Israel’s Basic Laws. They are changing everything. Trampling over the Knesset. Trampling over the Supreme Court. Trampling over all the basic principles. All just to secure a rotation deal, just to ensure they can form a bloated and wasteful government of 36 ministers and 16 deputy ministers while small businesses are collapsing," Lapid wrote.

"During the debate in the committee I said that if Netanyahu will want to reverse the laws back to their original form, we’ll vote in favor. I thought I was clear but not everyone understood and there were even those who said I would support Netanyahu. Have you gone mad? In case you hadn’t noticed, the only ones who haven’t surrendered to Netanyahu, are us.

"So I’ll make it clear for those that didn’t understand: We will support anyone who proposes returning the laws to their original form which allows a regular majority to bring down the government. When the Coronavirus crisis is behind us, if we can bring down this corrupt government that is exactly what we will do.

"What’s even more obvious is that I won’t give my support to anything that will extend Netanyahu’s term in office by even one day. How do you know we’ll keep our word? Because we’re the only ones that always do," he concluded.