Attempted ramming attack near Jenin

Palestinian Arab tries to overrun security guard at checkpoint west of Jenin, eventually collides with a security post.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Scene of attempted ramming attack
Scene of attempted ramming attack
Border Crossings Authority at the Ministry of Defense

The defense establishment suspects that an attempt to carry out a ramming attack was made on Wednesday evening at the Reihan crossing, west of Jenin.

Initial investigations revealed that the suspect, a Palestinian Arab living in the village of Barta’a, arrived with his vehicle at the Reihan crossing from the Israeli side and stopped about 20 meters before the security post at the entrance.

The Border Crossings Authority security guard who was stationed at the post signaled to the man to approach the post slowly for an inspection. At this point, the suspect accelerated the vehicle and quickly drove toward the security guard, likely with the aim of hitting him.

The security guards carried out an arrest procedure that also included firing in the air.

The suspect hit a number of concrete barriers and eventually collided with the security post and was arrested. There were no injuries.

During preliminary questioning, the suspect claimed he intended to carry out an attack and "wanted to die." The investigation is ongoing.