Fallen IDF soldiers Eliraz Peretz and Roi Klein saluted at their homes

Parents and children serving in army along with reserve soldiers stand for minute and salute families in memory of their fallen.

Mordechai Sones ,

Saluting Roi and Eliraz
Saluting Roi and Eliraz
צילום: טובי שריד

On one street in the northern Binyamin village of Eli, two hundred meters away from each other, sit two houses of two heroes who fell with the rank of Major: the home of Roi Klein who was killed in the Second Lebanon War in 2006 and the home of Eliraz Peretz, killed in Gaza in 2010.

Their widows and children today were moved by the tribute initiated by the youth of the Yovel neighborhood where many officers live, friends of Roi and Eliraz, some serving in regular army and some in the reserves.

Parents and children serving in the army along with the reserve soldiers stood for one minute, saluted the families, and remembered their fallen friends.

Col. Neriah Yeshurun, who lives on the same street, led the soldiers between the homes of the two families and saluted with a black beret in front of their homes.

Binyamin Council head Yisrael Gantz said: "These dear families are our pioneer corps. We love and embrace the families and endeavor to continue on the path of their holy loved ones and to take root in the land of our ancestors proudly and through a strong sense of connection to the Eternal One of Israel."