Bennett to bereaved families: Cemeteries closed to keep you safe

Defense Minister visits Mt. Herzl prior to Memorial Day, regrets inability of bereaved families to visit the graves of their loved ones.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Bennett on Mt. Herzl
Bennett on Mt. Herzl
Ariel Hermoni, Defense Ministry

Defense Minister Naftali Bennet visited Mount Herzl on Monday, accompanied by the Deputy Chief of Staff and head of the Families and Commemoration Department within the Defense Ministry, Aryeh Moalem.

The minister met with Tami Shalah, chairman of the IDF widows and orphans organization, and spoke with bereaved families.

During the visit, Bennett inaugurated the presentation of the digital visitor's book at the State Memorial Hall for Israel's fallen, which marks the beginning of the "Remembered Forever" project and allows visitors to light a candle in memory of the fallen and leave a message in the hall.

"We're here on the eve of Memorial Day and still a lot of families and friends come to visit the fallen. There are wonderful soldiers and commanders talking to them. It's been happening since last Thursday," Bennett said.' 'This year is different, this year's Memorial Day is basically spread over a week, and I want to thank the wonderful soldiers who are here and in all the cemeteries, and tell the families I love you very much and regret that this year has not been possible to commemorate the Memorial Day itself."

"I guarantee that we did not do this (close the military cemeteries) out of malicious intent, but to protect you. I love you all very much," the defense minister daid.