Druze commander delivers food to Bnei Brak’s disadvantaged

IDF Major Rami Hassan and soldiers from Special in Uniform are chosen to join the official torch-lighting ceremony on Mount Herzl.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

IDF Major Rami Hassan
IDF Major Rami Hassan
Special in Uniform

The IDF Home Front Command’s Major Rami Hassan and soldiers from Special in Uniform, the IDF’s pioneering military inclusion program, will take part in the annual Star of David formation at Israel’s upcoming Independence Day Ceremony on Mt. Herzl.

Until then, Hassan is busy overseeing a massive operation to deliver cartons of food and provisions deliveries to thousands quarantined in Bnei Brak.

But that’s exactly what Major Rami Hassan, father of 4 and resident of northern Yarka, has been doing for the past 6 weeks since the start of the national lockdown that’s slowing the further spread of coronavirus throughout Israel.

Hassan, a father of four and a native of the small northern town of Kfar Rameh, began his military career in the IDF Minorities Unit in the Sword Battalion, one of the Arabic-speaking units in the Israel Defense Forces. From there, he continued to Battalion 406 in the Arava, eventually becoming a career officer and serving in Special Operations on the Jordan border.

In 2001, Hassan transferred to Home Front Command in the Dan Region where he became a prominent commander in the IDF’s now internationally-acclaimed Special in Uniform military inclusion program.

Co-sponsored by Lend A Hand to A Special Child and JNF-USA, Special in Uniform offers extensive skills training to young men and women with physical and/or cognitive disabilities and incorporates them into appropriate positions in the IDF. The focus is on independent functioning, contributing positively to society, and the astonishing range of their abilities, as opposed to their disabilities.

“When I was first assigned the group from Special in Uniform, I was skeptical and anxious, but after just one day on the job, I saw what a phenomenal team I had,” says Hassan. “They’re dedicated kids who serve our country with love, faith, and commitment. Every day, I see how military service enhances their characters and personal growth, and how they, likewise, contribute their all to the IDF. Together, we’ve created an inclusive military whose hallmarks are its values and ethics. Of 14 volunteers, 6 of them—5 guys and 1 girl--have gone on to be inducted as full-fledged soldiers into the IDF, and I’m so proud of each one of them.”

It’s not an easy job, Hassan admits. It’s hard work, but his team accomplishes everything they set their minds to do. With Home Front Command presently facilitating national adherence to government regulations in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, Major Hassan is currently overseeing a massive operation to deliver food and household provisions to hundreds of individuals and families in Bnei Brak who are stuck in quarantine due to diagnosis or contact with Covid-19.

“There is a highly motivated feeling here in the platoon, a desire to work hard and help others from the bottom of the heart. What we’re doing now is more than an emergency assignment; it’s a mission to help Israel’s citizens feel good during these exceedingly trying times.”

In tribute to their efforts and the symbol of unity that Special in Uniform represents to the nation, Major Hassan and his soldiers were selected among many to join the Star of David formation at the official torch-lighting ceremony on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem that marks the closure of Yom Hazikaron (Memorial Day) and the beginning of Independence Day celebrations in Israel.

“It’s a great honor to be chosen to represent Special in Uniform at the torch-lighting ceremony on Independence Day, and an even greater honor to be part of such a fantastic group, who are an inseparable part of Home Front Command,” Hassan says emotionally.

“I think there’s something very symbolic about Special in Uniform’s soldiers joining the torchlighting ceremony on this year’s Independence Day,” says Yossi Kahana of JNF-USA.

“Especially now in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, when we are taking notice of society’s most vulnerable and doing our utmost to aid them, it’s time to honor Special in Uniform kids who have come so far, overcoming myriad challenges and stigmas to serve in the people’s army and contribute their talents to society. By personal example, they have taught us how those whom we may view as vulnerable are truly cherished assets to society.”

Special in Uniform soldiers distributing food Special in Uniform
Special in Uniform soldiers distributing food Special in Uniform
Special in Uniform soldiers distributing food Special in Uniform
Special in Uniform soldiers distributing food Special in Uniform