Boaz Schwartz, founder of Deutsche Bank, and His Challenging Life Through the Years

Get a glimpse of the life of Boaz Schwartz and the obstacles he conquered to reach greater heights.

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Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank

Boaz Schwartz (Deutsche Bank): and His Challenging Life Through the Years

Most of you surely heard of Boaz Schwartz, his achievements, his charismatic personality, and his successful career. However, not a lot of people are aware of the challenges and difficulties that he went through just to become who he is now – a business tycoon and financial genius. Today is the best time for you to get a glimpse of the life of Boaz Schwartz and the obstacles he conquered to reach greater heights.

Dr. Schwartz at a Glance

Boaz Schwartz is working in Deutsche Bank, which is one of Israel’s top banks. He is a skilled and experienced financial expert. In particular, he is in charge of managing fixed income securities, hedge funds, mergers and acquisitions, stocks, as well as other matters related to finance and banking. He also worked in a lot of multinational financial and banking institutions that gave high value to all the contributions he made.

Personal Life of Boaz Schwartz

The personal life of Boaz Schwartz is equally interesting like his personal life. He was born in Jerusalem, Israel on January 25, 1972. He has some adrenaline-induced hobbies such as flying and skiing. In case you don’t know it, Boaz is actually a licensed pilot who has over 900 hours spent in the air.

Educational Background

Even at a very young age, Boaz Schwartz was already an exceptional and bright student who has this innate thirst for knowledge. He studied in Tel Aviv University in Israel where he earned his MSc and BA degrees in electronics and engineering. He finished his degree with flying colors. He then moved to the US where he pursued his MBA at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He finished his PhD in finance at the University of Chicago with a scholarship. He earned praises for his remarkable financial intelligence.

Professional Career

Boaz Schwartz career as a professional all started with a consultant position at the Franklin Savings Association. He then became worked as a consultant at the Daiwa Securities trust Company. He was able to gain rich experiences in various banking techniques and financial aspects from the said positions.

His career further advanced to a higher position when he worked hand in hand with Smith Varney and Professor Ben Shahar. He then worked as the B.A.S Financial Advisor’s Managing Director. Boaz Schwartz became the Managing Director at Ben-Shahar Schwartz LTD. He also worked as the Head of Investment and Managing Director for Bankers Trust Company. It was not until 2000 when Boaz Schwartz became a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank.

The Bottom Line

The numerous ups and downs in the life of Boaz Schwartz definitely paid off in great returns later on. He earned so much praises and enjoyed success as a reward of his hard work and struggles. The contributions he made to Israel’s banking industry made him among the most esteemed personalities that people look up to, especially those who want to chase bigger dreams in the financial field.