Back to school? Who, when, and how?

Coronavirus Ministerial Committee to convene today to discuss how to begin resuming school studies.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Classroom (illustration)
Classroom (illustration)

When and how will the educational system return to activity? The members of the Coronavirus Ministerial Committee will attempt to answer at a special hearing today.

The committee will be presented with an outline by the Education Ministry for gradually renewing studies starting next Sunday, May 3. According to the outline, kindergartens will be divided between two regular groups of children during the week. Students in grades one through three will also be divided into two groups and taught in different classes.

At the same time as returning to classrooms, the studies will continue through distance learning. Students in the older grades will continue to study through distance learning exclusively for the time being.

A similar outline was also presented by Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, who claimed that the studies could be gradually restored and in the first phase to allow preschool, kindergarten, and first to third grades to convene, as well as students in grades 10 through 12 to allow them to take the matriculation exams. It seems that the issue of high school studies is subject to a disagreement between the ministries and the matter may be decided today in the committee hearings.