The US- Israel Nexus: The Founding Fathers, Moses and the Bible

The legacy of Moses and the Exodus had a profound impact on the Founding Fathers of the US.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

US Supreme Court
US Supreme Court

2020 is the year that marks four centuries from the landing of the Mayflower on the shores of the New World in 1620, which was the beginning of a strong and profound bond between the American nation and the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

In honor of this event, Yoram Ettinger, a retired Israeli ambassador and an expert on the U.S. and the Middle East, and "Boomerang – Fighting for Israel" have created a unique project titled “1620-2020 The 400th Anniversary of the U.S - Israel Nexus."

This video is the second in a series of 9, displaying the unique bond between Israel and the U.S:

Chapter 2: The Founding Fathers, Moses and the Bible

Judeo-Christian values, in general, and the legacy of Moses and the Exodus, in particular, had a profound impact on the Early Pilgrims, the 1776 American Revolution, the shaping of The Federalist Papers, the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Separation of Powers and much more…

Long after the 1620 landing of the Early Pilgrims in the New World, the legacy of Moses and the Exodus continues to have a profound impact on the culture and the state of mind of the United States.

From then until today the link between the US and its religious roots is reflected by the hundreds of statues and engravings of Moses and the Ten Commandments that are prominent around the United States. These monuments are featured in the Chamber of the US House of Representatives, US Supreme Court, Library of Congress and all over the US in Austin, Texas, Oklahoma City, Little Rock, Arkansas, Phoenix, Arizona, Denver, Colorado, Bismarck, North Dakota, East Grand Forks, Minnesota, Cumberland, Maryland, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, etc.

The Bible played such an important role in the lives of young America that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the second and third US Presidents, along with Benjamin Franklin, proposed that the US Seal should depict the Parting of the Sea, the Pillar of Fire and Pharaoh’s drowning chariots. Instead, the official US Seal is an illustration of an eagle with thirteen stars above its head, representing the initial thirteen colonies. Nonetheless, this seal depicts the thirteen stars in the form of a Star of David, the most well-known symbol of Judaism throughout the ages.

The Federalist System, devised to unite all the colonies under a central government, was named after the Latin word, “Foedus,” which relates to the Biblical Covenant between God and the Patriarchs of the Jewish People.

Moreover, the inscription on the Liberty Bell is from the Book of Leviticus, Chapter 25, Verse 10: “Proclaim liberty throughout all the Land, unto all the Inhabitants thereof.” The inscription is the essence of the Biblical Jubilee, which is the role model of liberty.

Furthermore, Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense,” which was the moral and intellectual cement of the American Revolution, was influenced by the Old Testament, highlighting the teachings of the Judge Gideon and the Prophet Samuel.

With the impact of the Ten Commandments and the Bible upon the formation and nature of the United States, it is clear to realize the unique spiritual and intellectual common denominator binding the United States with its most reliable, systematic and effective ally, the Jewish State.