Labor executive committee approves joining government

Labor Party executive committee unanimously approves agreement which will see the party join the national unity government.

Hezki Baruch ,

עמיר פרץ
עמיר פרץ
צילום: קובי ריכטר/TPS

The Labor Party executive committee on Wednesday evening unanimously approved the party’s agreement with the Blue and White party which will see the Labor Party join the national unity government.

The executive committee also empowered its chairman to hold negotiations on parliamentary, public and political cooperation between Labor and Blue and White.

The meeting was held through a Zoom conference due to the coronavirus pandemic.

MK Amir Peretz, chairman of the Labor Party, said he "thanks the members of the executive for the trust and believes that the members of the Central Committee will also say yes to the return of the Labor Party and its values to positions of influence in the State of Israel."

The agreement will be brought for approval by the Labor Central Committee on Sunday. Voting will take place online.

Labor and Meretz, which had run together in a technical bloc during the March elections, split apart at Peretz's initiative earlier this month after Peretz agreed to join the unity government.

Peretz and MK Itzik Shmuli are expected to be appointed as Economy Minister and Welfare Minister, respectively, in the new government.

Labor’s third MK, Merav Michaeli, is opposed to Labor joining the government and has said that, if the move goes through, she will not vote in line with government policies but will not quit the Labor party either.