US: Number of coronavirus cases surpasses 800,000

Johns Hopkins University reports 824,147 cases of COVID-19 and 44,999 deaths.

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Coronavirus testing
Coronavirus testing
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The number of cases of coronavirus in the United States has surpassed the 800,000 mark and now stands at 824,147, according to updated figures released by Johns Hopkins University on Tuesday night.

The number of deaths from COVID-19 in the US is 44,999.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced details of his executive order to suspend immigration amid the coronavirus pandemic, saying the measure would initially last for 60 days and apply to those seeking permanent residence, according to The Hill.

Trump explained the action is an effort to protect American workers from competition overseas. He indicated during a White House briefing that there would be certain exemptions but did not elaborate.

Trump said the administration would stop issuing certain green cards for 60 days. The measure will include exemptions for certain groups, though it’s unclear how extensive they will be. Trump said farmers will not be affected by the order, appearing to confirm that visas for agricultural workers would fall outside the scope of the measure.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo met with Trump on Tuesday and pressed him for more help from the federal government to carry out coronavirus testing.

Cuomo said his state, the hardest hit in America by the pandemic, wants to double its daily testing rate quickly and pressed Trump for the federal government to take control of the supply chain for reagents and other medical equipment to carry out the tests.

Speaking after his personal meeting with Trump, Cuomo acknowledged that the testing itself is the responsibility of individual states.

"But we need help from the federal government to make the supply chain work for the manufacturers, on the reagents, test kits, et cetera, and we said that we'd like to work together in New York state to take our current rate of testing -- we do about 20,000 tests a day on average -- and double that. Go to 40,000," he added, according to AFP.

"It's a very aggressive goal, and we said that we would work together to meet that goal, so it was a very good conversation," said Cuomo.