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United Hatzalah chief Eli Beer returns home to Israel after coronavirus recovery.

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Eli Beer says Shema landing in Israel
Eli Beer says Shema landing in Israel
שירה הרשקופ / איחוד הצלה

United Hatzalah's President and Founder Eli Beer landed in Israel a short time ago and met with his family and the heads of the organization whom he hadn't seen for three months.

As soon as he landed, Beer said: "I am happy to be back in Israel among my immediate family and my extended family of 6,000 first response volunteers of United Hatzalah."

Beer then proceeded to say the Shema on the tarmac before he boarded one of the organization's ambulances and was met with an honor guard of some 150 first response vehicles from the organization outside of the airport.

Eli was flown back to Israel on the private jet of Dr. Miriam Adelson and was cared for by a special health team including a doctor and paramedic from United Hatzalah.

Eli Beer lands in Israel
Shira Hershkop - United Hatzalah

אלי ביר נוחת בישראל
שירה הרשקופ / איחוד הצלה

אלי ביר פוגש את בני משפחתו
שירה הרשקופ / איחוד הצלה