Message to the survivors: You are not alone

Youths stand outside homes of Holocaust survivors in Efrat, wearing white shirts and holding flags and candles.

Ben Ariel ,

Youth outside home of Holocaust survivor
Youth outside home of Holocaust survivor
Efrat local council spokesperson

30 Holocaust survivors reside in the Efrat local council. On Monday evening, local youths arrived and stood next to the homes to each of them, wearing white shirts and holding Israeli flags and candles.

Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi explained, "One of the clearest conclusions from the Seder was the feeling of loneliness among the elderly. Our understanding was that the survivors should not feel this way on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day and, in collaboration between the veterans and the youth, this exciting venture was born."

The youths showed up at the door of the survivors’ home, some sang the national anthem Hatikvah and others were privileged to see the Holocaust survivors come out of their homes to say thank you.

Yitzhak Bedner, head of the Efrat youth, said that "Jewish youth wrapped in an Israeli flag and embracing Holocaust survivors, even if from afar, is the most Jewish thing to do on Holocaust Memorial Day, especially in the light of the coronavirus."