Lockdown on Independence Day a possibility

NSC, Ministry of Health seek to prevent large crowds by imposing similar restrictions to those that were in effect during Passover.

Ben Ariel ,

Officer and soldier enforce lockdown
Officer and soldier enforce lockdown
Israel Police spokesperson

The Ministry of Health and the National Security Council (NSC) are recommending that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu impose a lockdown on the entire State of Israel next week, starting at the conclusion of Memorial Day and until the conclusion of Independence Day.

Channel 12 News reported on Monday that the Ministry of Health maintains that a general closure will prevent crowds and parties as is customary on Independence Day.

The government is also still discussing the question of how to conduct the Memorial Day ceremonies for the fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett held a discussion on the issue of permitting bereaved families to visit the graves of loved ones amid a concern over crowds.

The Ministry of Defense is preparing to carry out all the official Memorial Day ceremonies in the cemeteries instead of the public who will not be able to attend.

Under the plan, every cemetery will have a military representative, a defense ministry representative and a military rabbi. They will recite the Kaddish in memory of every victim and place a flower and pennant on every tombstone.

In addition, the main ceremony at the Western Wall, which opens Memorial Day every year, will be held in a limited format: 20 participants, including the Chief of Staff and the President, will arrive at the site for the ceremony, which will be broadcast live and will be held without an audience.